26th October 2017

Pumpkin painting

Halloween is just around the corner and every year it seems that the Halloween celebrations and festivities get bigger and bolder. Incredibly, in terms of consumer spending, Halloween now represents the third largest event in the UK calendar after Christmas and Easter, having overtaken Valentine’s Day.


The increase in interest in Halloween has led to new trends developing and one which caught our eye is the growing trend for painted pumpkins.


We’ve all spent time carefully hollowing out and carving pumpkins for Halloween. It can be time consuming and hard work, not to mention messy and potentially dangerous if using sharp knives with small children around. Painting your pumpkin offers a great alternative, particularly if you are preparing pumpkins with little ones who want to get involved.


A carved pumpkin, lit up on Halloween can look stunning, but so can a painted one and we’ve seen brilliant examples. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more spooky inspiration.



Painted pumpkins don’t have to be Halloween themed either. They can make a fantastic centre piece for a special autumnal dinner or an attractive window display to brighten up the shorter days.  As you can see from our autumnal pumpkin Pinterest board below, the possibilities are endless. Pumpkin painting can be as simple or as intricate as you like, and can make a real impact to any home, no matter the colour palette.



Our Claypaint is perfect for painting your pumpkin, autumnal shades such as Humpty Dumpty, Toy Soldier and Hidey Hole (our colour of the month for October), will all work brilliantly.  Find out where you can purchase our paints.


We’d love to see your examples, please share your painted pumpkin pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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