30th September 2017

Colour of the Month: Hidey-Hole




October is a month of transformation. The leaves become a deep golden brown, the nights draw in and there’s a chill in the air… To celebrate the new season, we’ve chosen the deep, dark shade of Hidey-Hole as our colour of the month.


Hidey-Hole allows you to take your home on its own journey of transformation – seamlessly transitioning from the summer to the autumn, and on into winter. With its warm charcoal tones, it provides the perfect neutral backdrop for bold colours: watch vibrant autumnal tones, like orange and red, pop against Hidey-Hole’s grey.


We recommend pairing Hidey-Hole with Flower Pot, Trilby and Dark Cocoa for a truly autumnal vibe.


Furthermore – Hidey-Hole will add real drama to your seasonal celebrations. Whether it be Halloween fright nights, Bonfire Night get-togethers or Christmas dinner parties, the elegance and versatility of this deep grey is second to none.




So, if you want to create your own cosy cocoon this autumn, Hidey-Hole is the perfect choice. It will envelop your home and add a welcome depth – carrying you through the colder half of the year with a comforting warmth.


Hidey-Hole is available in both Claypaint and Eggshell No.17 formulations, so you can find the perfect paint for the job.


Order a tester pot of Hidey-Hole Claypaint here.


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