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Little by little

Little steps to a greener world

Earthborn paints are gentle with your baby and the planet.

It’s just one little way you can help the environment, without compromising on beautiful colour.

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New colour card

Our brand new classic colour card is available to order now.

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Now you can buy our eco-friendly paint online!

You can now order all our colours in all our finishes from the comfort of your home.

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They’re all green.

Looking for a gorgeous shade for your home? We’ve got loads, all made with none of the nasty stuff so they’re healthier for the environment.

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Designer paint designed to help the environment.

We founded Earthborn to create an alternative to conventional paint that was both kinder to the environment and easier to live with.

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Welcome to a world of beautiful, environmentally-friendly paints. Make yourself at home.

A delicious array of designer paint colours, easy to use and with a beautiful finish, and free from any nasties. What could be better?
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What makes Earthborn paints so special?

No smells

No horrible smells or emissions so they’re better for everyone, especially asthma and allergy sufferers.

What makes Earthborn paints so special?


Buildings – especially older ones – need to breathe to prevent future problems, we've got paint that will help your walls breathe.

What makes Earthborn paints so special?

Safer for little ones

They carry the Safety of Toys Standard so are ideal for children's rooms, toys and furniture.

What makes Earthborn paints so special?


They have a richness of colour and sublime finish that enhances the light in your room.

What makes Earthborn paints so special?

One coat

Thick and creamy, our Claypaint covers well and often needs one coat less than conventional paints.

What makes Earthborn paints so special?

First in the UK

Better for everyone. They’re so good for the environment, they were the first in the UK to carry the prestigious EU Ecolabel.