Painting and Decorating Tips

To get the best out of Earthborn paints, and for ideas on how to choose the right paints and colours for your project, read our top tips below.

Paint colour ideas for woodwork, plasterwork and interior trims

After pouring over colour cards and testing out sample pots, you’ve finally decided on the main paint colour for your room. But how do you pick the complementary shades to go with it? Doors, skirting boards, cornicing and other architectural features often benefit from a multi-layered approach to create depth and interest. We’ve put together […]

5 of the best decorating websites, apps and colour selection tools

Redecorating a room or starting a new project from scratch can be an exciting prospect, but might also feel a little overwhelming! Even though painting a room is one the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of your space (not to mention one of the most cost effective ways of updating your décor), […]

Interior design tips: inspiration from five of the best professional stylists

You don’t need to be a professional to create a stylish home. In fact, the stylists who create the dream looks seen in our favourite glossy magazines may have years of experience, but they also employ a few tricks of the trade to produce these swoon-worthy spaces. Here’s our pick of five favourite professional stylists, […]

Paint and pregnancy

At Earthborn we get lots of enquiries about all things paint, but one of the most common decorating questions we’re asked about, which might surprise some, is to do with paint and pregnancy.   Paint and pregnancy can be a complex topic, as there are not only health considerations to think about (should you even […]

Choosing exterior paint colours for your property

As well as choosing the right type of exterior masonry paint for your project, it can be difficult choosing which masonry paint colour to go for. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to choose the right masonry paint colour for your project.

Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint colours and samples now available

We’re pleased as punch to announce our brand new Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint colour card and sample pots are now available to order.

Paint for damp walls and ceilings

We are often asked if we sell damp proof paint or anti damp paint. At Earthborn all our paints are breathable so we can recommend them for older properties as well as any area of the home where there could be issues with damp.

How to use Earthborn Crackle & Furniture Glaze

We recently introduced two new products to the Earthborn Eco Chic family, presenting a comprehensive range of products for upcylers, home DIY-ers, designers and interiors experts.

Decorating with vibrant paint colours

Our latest interior colour palette Natribes features bold, vibrant tones of bright turquoise The Lido and burnt orange Pumpkin Pie, balanced by warm ochres.

Earthborn Ecopro launches BS4800 colour range

Earthborn Ecopro Eggshell & Emulsions are now available in 98 BS4800 (British Standard) paint colours, plus black and white. The Ecopro range of interior paints is designed for trade professionals, isEU Ecolabel approved, virtually VOC free and formulated without oils or acrylics.

Introducing our hardest wearing paint finish for walls

Lifestyle Emulsion is a brand new addition to the Earthborn family, and we’re pleased as punch to introduce this super-duper new paint finish!

So, what is Lifestyle Emulsion?
Lifestyle Emulsion is a brand new addition to the Earthborn family, and we’re pleased as punch to introduce this super-duper new paint finish!

So, what is Lifestyle Emulsion?

Creating a beach-inspired colour scheme

For our newest colour trend Coastline, we packed up our picnic and headed for the seaside, creating a beach inspired colour palette that’s relaxing and easy to live with.