Paint Colour Schemes


Redecorating or starting afresh? Sometimes choosing the best paint colour schemes for your project can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together our favourite paint colour trends and palettes from the Earthborn range. Dive head first into these beauties for some serious colour inspiration!

Guest blog: Stylist Katie Sellers on how to decorate with blue

Of all the colour groupings in the Earthborn range, our blues are probably the most popular. Blue, after all, is one of the most versatile colours around and there’s certainly a shade of blue for every taste. We were pleased as punch when top stylist Katie Sellers chose to use our dramatic Toy Soldier for her […]

Let’s take a walk on the Wilder Side!

For our fresh new colour trend Wilder Side we’ve taken inspiration from the great outdoors. Traditionally a time of new beginnings the lighter, longer (and hopefully a little warmer!) days of Spring give us more time to spend outside, be it an early evening stroll or potter in the garden. It’s also the perfect time […]

Revealing our most popular paint colours from 2016 (and our key colours for 2017)

Over the past few weeks we’ve collected data to reveal our best-selling paint colours of 2016. And this year has certainly shown that when it comes to choosing a new paint shade, anything goes! The past 12 months have proved that whilst there’s a definite rise in the popularity of certain colours (which we’ll highlight […]

Inufolk: Contemporary, playful paint colours for Autumn/Winter

Welcome to the colourful world of Inufolk!   Our shiny new colour trend Inufolk is a bright and friendly collaboration between Earthborn and Kährs flooring. We’ve selected four key colours from our palette of 72 shades to create this playful scheme, inspired by the arts and crafts of contemporary nomadic cultures. Drawing inspiration from Inuit […]


A vibrant and energetic colour trend, Natribes takes its inspiration from natural textures and pigments, at the more exotic end of the scale.

Guest blog: Justine Fox talks interior trends and the psychology of colour

Recognising which colours inspire and make us feel comfortable is the ultimate tool in decorating your home. Here, colour expert Justine Fox explains why some of us love a bright hue and others opt for more calming tones.

Decorating with vibrant paint colours

Our latest interior colour palette Natribes features bold, vibrant tones of bright turquoise The Lido and burnt orange Pumpkin Pie, balanced by warm ochres.

Creating a beach-inspired colour scheme

For our newest colour trend Coastline, we packed up our picnic and headed for the seaside, creating a beach inspired colour palette that’s relaxing and easy to live with.

How to decorate with grey

There is no denying that grey has become one of the biggest success stories in the world of paint colours, so we’ve put together a few ideas that might just persuade you to decorate with grey at home.


A contemporary take on classic coastal decor, this colour trend celebrates shimmering seas and bold skies. Coastline is a laid-back look that combines flat blocks of colour reminiscent of oceanic horizons, with water-dappled painterly effects, using a harmonious colour palette.

How to choose a paint colour

When planning a decorating project picking paint colours is probably the first thing you will do. It’s the exciting part, your opportunity to put your own stamp on a room and make it feel completely different.

Spring Green

Using Kährs oak flooring collection as inspiration, Spring Green teams Rosie Posie, Mister Toad, Secret Room and Fiddlesticks to create a story steeped in light pinks and tonal greens. This look is all about creating an indoor oasis, ideal for city dwellers living in built up areas who hanker after fresh green spaces.