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Why Earthborn Wall Glaze is the decorator’s secret weapon

We’re most well-known for our range of eco friendly paints, such as our super breathable Claypaint, family friendly Lifestyle Emulsion and Ecopro range of trade paints. But did you know we make a number of other decorating products to help make your project go a little more smoothly?   One of our most popular products […]

Revamp Restyle Reveal : The Results

Back in September, we introduced you to the Revamp Restyle Reveal project. Since then, everyone here at Earthborn HQ has been glued to their Instagram feeds, eagerly watching for updates and behind-the-scenes snippets of how the bloggers’ home transformations have gone! Today, we’re very excited to share some of the final reveals…   What is […]

What paint should I use for my decorating project?

When decorating, you want your efforts to achieve the highest quality finish as well as longevity, however in order for this to happen you need to ensure that you have chosen the appropriate product. We have done the hard work for you and produced an infographic that explores the product you should use depending on […]

Colour of the Month: Hidey-Hole

      October is a month of transformation. The leaves become a deep golden brown, the nights draw in and there’s a chill in the air… To celebrate the new season, we’ve chosen the deep, dark shade of Hidey-Hole as our colour of the month.   Hidey-Hole allows you to take your home on […]

10 bloggers. 4 weeks. 1 room. Revamp Restyle Reveal

  What do you get when you combine 10 bloggers, 4 weeks and an assortment of fabulous interiors brands? The Revamp Restyle Reveal project!   We’re very excited to announce that Earthborn will be sponsoring the very first Revamp Restyle Reveal project. We’ll be working alongside some of our very favourite home décor bloggers and […]

How to paint onto new and bare plaster

Claypaint and Lifestyle Emulsion are both highly suitable for painting onto new plaster. From the Ecopro range of interior paints, our Matt & Lo Sheen Emulsions are also suitable for painting onto new plaster.   However, we’re often asked if new plaster needs any special treatment before painting. The short answer is no, there’s no […]

allergies & eco-friendly paints
Allergies and using Earthborn paints – what are the benefits?

Whilst it is not possible to say with certainty that someone will not have an adverse reaction to a product or ingredient, there are certain steps that the expert paint makers at Earthborn have taken to benefit those that suffer with asthma and allergies.   What does an allergic reaction to paint mean?   Typical […]

How to use Earthborn’s latest colours: Trumpet

One of five brand new shades, Trumpet is a deep bluey purple designed to envelop and relax. It’s a dark, moody shade that’s surprisingly versatile with a soft, almost chalky undertone that flatters lots of room types.   In the changing light, Trumpet moves from deepest purple to midnight blue, making it a highly sophisticated […]

Nursery paint tips: painting cots, toys & nursery furniture

Painting furniture is an easy and inexpensive way to give your favourite pieces (or some unloved ones!) a new lease of life. But what about painting furniture that’s used by children and babies, should this be treated any differently?   Well firstly, there are a number of reasons to paint nursery furniture such as cots […]

Candy colouration
Summer 2017’s top paint trends

Summer is the ideal time to decorate your home in preparation for those cold winter months. Days are longer, meaning the light is better and you can paint into the evening. Plus, if the British weather plays nicely, you are able to have your windows open so that paint dries quicker and you can enjoy […]

How to use Earthborn’s latest colours: Can-Can

Roll up roll up! There’s a new shade in town…   Can-Can is a cheeky ‘Moulin Rouge’ inspired colour that was developed following high demand for a pinkier shade of red. Deep and dramatic, it certainly adds a bold statement to any interior.   Top: Bugle, Stripe: Humpty Dumpty, Bottom: Can-Can   However Can-Can isn’t […]

How to use Earthborn’s latest colours: Peach Baby

This contemporary colour palette sees the delightfully mellow Peach Baby brighten up a kitchen diner space.   For an easy-going yet sophisticated look, pair this soft, pale shade with deep, earthy tones like Secret Room, used to create a focal point out of flat-fronted kitchen units. Contrasting shades of charcoal black Hidey-Hole and gentle green […]